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Beautiful Bentos

A few months ago, V and I decided we needed to clean up our eating habits somewhat. We took a good look at what we were eating and when. In particular focus were the lunch-time meals I had every week at work. One of the perils of working with a pub-chain is the plentiful and cheap pub-grub they serve in the canteen. So we decided that had to be a key area of change for us. But the main challenge was always my complete and utter lack of interest in the same boring old ‘dabba’ or ‘tiffin’ and my refusal to eat the same thing more than two days in a row. We compounded the problem by setting ourselves the challenge of ridding ourselves of grain or starch-based carbs for that one meal of the day.

V took on the challenge of making the effort to get a freshly cooked meal ready for me every morning. And the extra effort of making it look appealing enough that I look forward to lunchtimes, and my colleagues who lunch with me don’t (as they still chow their way through the canteen fare). We were inspired by a cookbook featuring Japanese bento recipes, and we loved the concept, if not the over-dependence on rice.

And so the Beautiful BentoBox was born. We have been sharing our exploits and efforts on Facebook as we have experimented our way across various flavours, textures and colours. Always trying to keep it visually attractive, but at the same time healthy and good to eat, with fresh ingredients, and a good mix of meat, fruit and vegetables. We discuss ideas, V turns them into reality and I faithfully document & photograph each attempt.

Today, just in time to be a belated birthday present for my darling wife, our efforts (in all honesty, mainly her’s) were rewarded with a 4-page feature spread in the Chef At Large monthly magazine CaLDRON.

Here’s the link to the magazine The feature is on pg66. We’re looking start sharing our beautiful bentos on this blog too.