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Panang curry with aubergines, celery and king prawns

I always have a few Thai curry pastes (green & red curry and Tom Yum) in my stock cupboard. They are great not only for the standard curries but also as flavours for stir-fries. Recently, I also discovered panang curry paste and I have enjoyed playing around with it in various prawn dishes. This particular recipe is fairly quick to make and is very moreish.

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A simple Thai green curry with prawns

Here’s a quick way to make a delectable thai green curry. Please keep in mind that this is not necessarily a true & authentic green curry, but more of something that tastes good, fairly close to a green curry and can be whipped up easily. Sometimes speed trumps authenticity, especially if you’re tired or not really in the mood to cook but still want something delicious.

IMG_0813 copy

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